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Catch your breath, focus your mind, and just breathe.

Experience the power of AI and Augmented Reality with Pneuma, the ultimate meditation and focus app. Pneuma utilizes state-of-the-art technology to guide you through personalized meditation sessions and help you build focus and clarity in your daily life. With a beautiful and intuitive interface, Pneuma makes it easy to incorporate meditation into your daily routine. Try it out today and discover the transformative benefits of a regular meditation practice. Download Pneuma now on the App Store

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Focus your breathe!

Decide do you want AI or AR experience during focus session

Pneuma AI

Never lose your focus during the breathing practice

Use guided way to focus your breathe, check how your heart is responding after focus session

Pneuma AI

Inhale Exhale

Practice your focus in various ways, find what is best fit for you

Pneuma AR

Don't lose yourself

Do it for yourself, and everyone you love. It only takes a few minutes to find some balance

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